Решение задачи - Портфолио про домашнего животного на английском языке


Портфолио про домашнего животного на английском языке


Тут я написал на английском языке портфолио о домашнем животном то есть кошке породой сфинкс . Sphinxes are beautiful and interesting cats. The mysterious appearance of this cat attracts people. Porcelain skin, huge eyes, soft velvety paws. All these criteria tell us about the nobility of this breed. However, just for the sake of appearance, you should not get a cat. Like all cats, sphinxes have a number of pros and cons. I advise you to study them before making a decision about buying a friend. First of all let's talk about the disadvantages of this breed: 1. Constant careful care. Any pet requires care. Because of the specificity in appearance and physique, sphinxes need more care. Frequent washing, timely ear cleaning, and sun protection is added in summer. Pets need to be constantly monitored

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